Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here are some more minis I've recently painted. I hope you like them.

Soda Pop Miniatures

Pulp City

Tengu Models


PowerMugen said...

Thank you for this update ! It's been too long !! ;)

Happy to see that there are some really great stuff for Pulp City !

The Sebastian is GREAT ! I didn't like the concept very much, but painted it's great ! good job

superherofigurehunter said...

All superb work as always. Obviously I had seen the Pulp City stuff already, but that big Soda Pop mini and thje other 2 only came to my attention yesterday, and I didn't know until now that the paint job was yours - incredible work there.

I am always happy to see your brushwork. Amazing stuff.

Master Of Lab said...

Great UPDATE !!
Amazing work there

The Lord of Excess said...

Whoa!! Inspiring paint work ... I wish I could paint 1/10th that well :) Thanks for the good pics of your work too!

Pauix said...

Just discovered your work. Great work! Now you have a new follower :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing work quality on this blog since the first post (I just went through it from the first post).
Really nice set of miniatures, with paint jobs that give them all a really great look.

Really Artistic.

You gave me the urge to raid the Pulp City, Soap Miniatures and Studio Miniature shops, so I can try my brushes on them. Good thing it's Chrismas time !