Sunday, December 17, 2017


udate2017/I've noticed this blog is now rendered useless because of new photobucket image sharing rules. I hope to recover images sometime in the future.

Hi everybody

Here are pics of minis I've painted over the past months. For multiple reasons I am no longer taking commissions or painting models for now, but this won't be the last update yet. I'd like to thank everyone who have followed this blog and all who have been interested to have me painting for them.

Frothers charity Charlie's Angels

Otherworld demon model

Pulp City Solar & Avatar of Jaguar

Studio Miniatures zombies

Bye for now


John Lambshead said...

Superb. I love the Charly's Angels.

Mikko Luoma said...


Sounds quite sad, to think that you will just quit everything like that...
One of the VERY few top-notch painters from Finland

Such a talented guy, what waste...

Kari Hernesniemi said...

Damn shame that you're leaving the Scene... I truly hope you'll make a comeback some day - and hopefully very soon!

Jänis said...

It's been pleasure to follow your fantastic works.

Unknown said...

very nice work!!

gextongexton said...

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Gexton said...

This is beautiful. Really enjoyed catching up with your blog. What a great painting.

There were so many amazing views - I could have painted many more too
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