Monday, January 11, 2010

Some techno

It's been a while since the last update.. here is the Vector from Pulp City:

I made a simple tutorial to show how the base was made.

Here you can see the materials (textured plasticard is "Modern Cobbles" from Antenociti's, Milliput, piece of 2-3mm thick cork board) and tool (no actual need for all the fancy sculpting tools)

First I draw the round base shape to the back of the plastic sheet, with a mecanical pencil and 20 cent coin (I think this is the best size to fit the top of 30mm lipped base)

Then I carefully cut the shpe with those small scissors. I often use some fine sandpaper to smooth the edges.

For the raised platform I draw part of the base circle and then the blocky shape around it.

Then I glued it to the piece of cork

and roughly removed the excess cork.

Here the platform is glued to the base. It should look like the grid continues in smae level if looked straight from above.

Then just mix some Milliput and fill the empty space below the platform. You can also sculpt the grid to continue on the vertical areas to look like it's made from small cubes. For additional perfection the milliput can be easily sliced, filed and sanded to smooth the scuplting.


Pablo El Marques said...

Very good. I really like as you use the brightness.
And a very interesting tuto ;-P

superherofigurehunter said...

Thanks for the tutorial Nomic/Noamd - as you know I had been wondering how you achieved that base. Great work.

Corvus said...

Thanks for sharing, great job.

nomad said...

Thank you very much for the comments :)

PowerMugen said...

yeah thanks for sharing... easy and good looking !! that's very quick and effective

donna said...


Tony said...

I am in awe at the fantastic quality of your miniature (and bases) painting.

Very well done.


日月神教-任我行 said...


Anonymous said...

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