Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Desolate corner

I got an inspiration to paint another Ariadna figure, this time the Para-commando catched my eye.

The pose of the mini is a bit too wide for the normal 25mm base so I tried a little experimentation by strongly breaking the round shape of the base like the ground is bursting out. I used corkboard to create the basic shape of the broken concrete beam and then covered it with milliput and sculpted the cracked surface. The ground was also sculpted with milliput the trick to create a realistic texture is to not use water when sculpting so the milliput fragments nicely. The edge is not perfectly smooth because I didn't have the patience to sand it enough...

I also have painted a base for the next mini. I really need to figure out ways to make realistic plants. When creating Prypiat/abandoned area themed bases I think the plants should really be playing the main part.


jpwyrm said...

Your work is impressive, I really like your Ariadna models! The ruined/abandonned terrain concept is doing an amazing job with the colours of the minis IMO.
Keep up, you are inspiring!


Anonymous said...

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