Thursday, January 22, 2009

Microphones in the trees

This is my last work from 08. It's a little diorama I made by usin the Corvus Belli's Cutter and Hasslefree's Alyx and Billie. The scene is supposed to express defiance.

I took some wip pics while building and collected them to make a simple tutorial. I'll translate it to English when I have time to do that.


Ángel Giráldez said...

A amazing paintjob, I love this scene, you colours are very good
congratulations ;)
see you

nomad said...

Thank you so much, your works have been a big inspiration for me and I learned a lot from your painting topic in old Infinity forums :)

CJ said...

That's a Great piece of art and a great Statement indeed!! I know it's mostly about how amazing your painting skills are but this is something that really touched me due to it message.

Great Job and a True Insparation!

Cheers CJ

tbeckh said...

realy great work, i love all your work so far!!

Anonymous said...

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