Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Wood Elf army is now done!

Here are the final pics of the army and the units one by one.


Glade Guards 1

Glade Guards 2

Glade Guards 3

Ancient Treeman

Dryads 1

Giant Eagle

swamp Treeman

Dryads 2



Wild Riders 1

Wild Riders 2



Bacon Dog said...

Great job! Rarely see an army done so well.

Tonka said...

Clean and powerfully simple color scheme. It rocks.

Just for reference, what is the range of getting an army painted to this level?

Break into per figure or per unit whatever works for you.

I have this Lizardman box set sitting here and all...

nomad said...


I currently paint smaller high quality commissions and I charge about 10 euros per standard 28mm figure. The painting level of these projects are comparable to the Space orks, Khorne and Ariadna in this blog.

Patrick Scherr said...

I just wanted to ask if this army was a ordered work or just for yourself.
If it was a ordered work, how much have you charged for the whole army?
If not, would you think of selling it?
And what would be the price incl. shipping to Germany?
cheers Patrick

nomad said...

This was ordered work. If you are interested contact me at, I'm not sure if I paint armies of this size anymore though.

Anonymous said...

seriously, this is THE BEST painted army i have ever seen, you are a true artist and i can only hope to one day be able to create something close to these wonders you have made

Anonymous said...

I came buckets.

impostor said...

thanks for that, master

very nice, I will follow your bolg with interes, wainting something like that

mmm, can i do U a petcion? i'am painting, (trying it xD) an a wood elf army, the style is more or less similar, but i'm blocked in the peana,,, could U put a few photos of de peanas?

thanks, sorry for my english ( mmm, sorry for my inexistent english xDDD)

see you

Kit Pleasant said...

These are just amazing. If you don't mind my asking, how did you do that amazing job on the bases?

nomad said...

Thanks :)

The bases are resin casts from Micro Art studios. Basecoated with VMC Black Brown, then layered/brushed with mixes of Black brown and GW Camo green to pure Camo green. After this I added some Ice Yellow to the camo green for the final highlights. The last step was to glaze the whole bases wiht thinned Brown glaze. Those bases are very detailed but I wanted to keep them simple looking to prevent them from being too distracting.

Łukasz said...

I just love those little blue spirits... Could you be so kind and give some tips or recipe how you have painted them?

Anonymous said...

Excellent, gave me millions of ideas!
I must say though because of the color scheme you used the skin looks green. Maybe you intended that though.
Love the tree bits and could you tell me what colors you used for the spites?

nomad said...

Thanks for the comments. Spites/Tree Spirits were painted this way: For the basecoat I used different mixes of Dark Sea Blue and Green Blue. Then I layered this tone to pure or almost pure Green Blue (this gives a bit more grey blue finish) Then I blend this blue tone to almost pure Offwhite It's important to keep the light source brighter than the glow around it.

Jimmy said...

Amazing job. everything comes together so well. I am really having trouble finding the yellows you used. If you don't mind, could you let me know what color yellows where used.

Anonymous said...

awesome army!

Would you mind writing how you painted the dryads and the glade guards ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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yourcodenameis:kayte said...

Really great work.
This inspired me to paint my woodelf army in your color scheme.
can you tell me which colours you generally used for the glade guards?
would be awesome :)

yourcodenameis:kayte said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrew Glazebrook said...

Holey moley ! Your work is truly amazing !!!!!

Faust said...

I have never seen a better wood elf army in my 30 years in this hobby. Well done!

Jelle Goossens said...

Indeed, this army is absolutely beautiful. I love how the yellows and greens are so light.
I see this blog hasn't been updated for some years and this project is from 2008 but I'd love to know the colors you used for the yellow and green cloth (if you can remember). Thanks.
Great work!

newtpondskipper said...

Absolutely amazing! Inspired me to no end, thanks for sharing.

Mike A said...

Holy crap! Those are quite possibly the best looking Wood Elves I've seen. I am about to start mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jenny Rose said...

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Yan Zhi Lai said...

Hi mate, I know it’s an old army. But are you able shed light on how you painted the yellow and greens? Amazing army